Dark Moon Coffee Roasters was created from the passion of roasting coffee and striving to make the next cup of coffee better than the last.  We are a local born & raised family owned business in Henderson, NV.  

Here at Dark Moon, we are all about the details.  We used this concept from the buildout of our roaster/café, to the coffee we decide to purchase & offer.  All of our coffee is roasted on a Loring S15 where we roast each coffee differently to bring out its full potential. Every single coffee that we bring in, gets cupped & evaluated many times before we decide to roll it out.

Dark Moon also specializes in cold brew, where most places don’t spend time on their cold brew as they do in other aspects of their cafe, we have a dedicated approach to each and every cold brew batch we do. We are proud of our cold brew and always have our blend on nitro & still, but also rotate our single origin coffees on a separate line so you can experience those coffees as cold brew.